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Francis Bacon:
The Dark Theology of Meat

2,046 words

Francis Bacon, 1909–1992

Francis Bacon, 1909–1992

Francis Bacon was an extraordinary and extreme artist and one of the greatest painters of the twentieth century. He was also a Right-wing elitist and individualist who approached the problem of creating art in the twentieth century with an honesty and intensity that have not really been matched. Generally speaking, it is probably true to say that most of the Right dismiss Bacon along with other contemporary artists mainly because of his unique treatment of the human form. But in my view his art enunciates a violent assault on the complacency of conventional thinking and perception that should be seen as deeply consonant with the project of the Alt Right. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio
The Arts & Metapolitics

Mjolnir362 minutes / 141 words

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John Morgan of Arktos joins Greg Johnson to interview David Yorkshire, editor of Mjolnir Magazine, a print journal dedicated to cultivating artistic creativity from a European identitarian perspective. Read more …

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The Numinous Genesis of Culture

6,156 words

Oswald Spengler’s radical contribution to the philosophy of history was to observe that different Cultures and Civilizations are discrete life forms and that they all have a certain life-expectancy. The linear progression of history, from the Stone Age to the prevailing Western liberalism, is a myth. There is no single line of history running through all of humanity. Instead, Cultures are born, they grow to maturity, they age, and they die. Read more …

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Against the Turner Prize

7,006 words


Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

Editor’s Note:

This is the transcript by V. S. of the audio of Jonathan Bowden’s short film Against the Turner Prize. Unfortunately, only the audio is available on YouTube. If anyone has access to the video version, please contact me at editor@counter-currents.com. Bowden talks about 25 illustrations. Without the video, however, I have had to try to provide new illustrations based on Bowden’s descriptions, frequently without success.  Read more …

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Remembering Filippo Marinetti:
December 22, 1876 to December 2, 1944

Marinetti150 words

Those on the Right who believe that modern art is always “decadent” need to come to grips with Italian Futurism. In commemoration of the birthday of Filippo Marinetti, the founder of Italian Futurism and one of the prophets of Fascism, I would like to draw your attention to several writings on this website.

Read more …

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“Божиите маймуни“ на Уиндъм Люис

956 думи

English original here

Уиндъм Люис
The Apes of God

“Божиите маймуни“ (Apes of God) се оказва една от най-унищожителните сатири публикувани на английски език от времето на Драйдън и Поуп насам. Read more …

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Lars Holger Holm on Modern Art

holm2,690 words

Lars Holger Holm
Hiding in Broad Daylight: An Analysis of the Political Radicalisation and Commercialisation of Artistic Modernism
London: Arktos, 2015

“Charles,” said Cordelia, “Modern Art is all bosh, isn’t it?”

“Great bosh.”

Brideshead Revisited (1945)  Read more …

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Albion’s Hidden Numina
Andy Goldsworthy

3,213 words

Andy Goldsworthy, Ice Ball

Andy Goldsworthy, Ice Ball

The English sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is a practitioner of Land art, a practice that seeks to create art from natural materials and settings. Other practitioners of Land art include Richard Long, Robert Smithson, and David Nash. Whilst there is this common element of setting art in (or creating it from) the landscape, there is also a particularly striking quality to Andy Goldsworthy’s work that sets him apart from other Land artists. In short, this particular quality of his work might be termed sacred or numinous. For this reason he is both lauded as a contemporary shaman and derided as a twee pastoralist. Neither extremity really reveals much about Goldsworthy’s art.  Read more …

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Curses, Cut-Ups, & Contraptions:
The “Disastrous Success” of William Burroughs’ Magick

5,685 words

BurroughsMagicMatthew Levi Stevens
The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs
Oxford: Mandrake of Oxford, 2014[1]

My very first question to him, a living, breathing, Beatnik legend in the flesh was . . . “Tell me about magick?” William was not in the least surprised by my question. “Care for a drink?” he asked. Putting on the TV to watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E., he explained “Reality is not really all it’s cracked up to be, you know . . .”—Genesis P-Orridge  Read more …

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How Traditional Catholics are Taking Back the Visual Culture of France, Part 2: A Tactical Guide

Piss Christ - Destroyed by Men of Avignon

Piss Christ – Destroyed by Men of Avignon

3,549 words


Part 1 of this article explained how the line between the domain of the religion and culture of Europe and the degenerate art of our invaders has been dramatically crossed after years of stability. Read more …

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