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Two Poems for Dissidents

P_19A242 words

We were wondering . . .

We were wondering about your . . . well, we’re
not completely certain . . . but we think that
you should leave us . . . not that we want to smear
you or mistakenly accuse you . . . what
we want is that you leave us . . . understand
please our position . . . we do have a certain
reputation . . . you cannot take a stand
like you just took . . . we can’t have you throw in
with the people you just threw in . . . drop them
now and recant . . . all will be forgotten
once you leave . . . the terminus ante quem
was yesterday . . . some things are just verboten . . .
you really should have watched it . . . please believe
we think it’s for the best that you should leave.

(first appeared in Trinacria)

When They Knock On Your Front Door

No matter what they tell you, no matter
What you think that they might do, don’t flatter
Your own ego, don’t reckon that they care
That much for you. Just know that they’re aware
That you’re aware. See through all the clatter,
All the protocols and all the chatter
That they do. They’ll smile and they will natter
While they whisper to each other, don’t dare,
No matter what,
To assume that it means something–fatter
Fish than you have fried while thinking that. Err
On the side of caution? Right, then somewhere
They’ll be laughing. Remember this: nightmares
Always end.  The trick is not to shatter,
No matter what.

(first appeared in slightly different version in Trinacria)



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