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Interview with Tito Perdue, Part 2

tito_perdue61:17 / 271 words

Part 2 of 2

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On Saturday, March 7th, 2015, I sat down with Tito Perdue and his wife Judy in Atlanta and interviewed him about his life and work. In the conclusion of this interview, he discusses his racial and political awakening and his novels. Topics include:

  • His dystopian White Nationalist novel The Node (Charleston, W.V.: Nine-Banded Books, 2011)
  • His awakening from liberal egalitarianism to race-realism
  • Racial separation as the solution in America
  • The problem of Islamization in Europe
  • The problem of miscegenation
  • The biological basis of the greatness of white civilization
  • Why the preservation of diversity requires racial separation
  • How whites might organize to save ourselves
  • His novel The Sweet-Scented Manuscript (Fort Worth, Texas: Baskerville, 2004)
  • The importance of his wife Judy to his writing career
  • His novel Fields of Asphodel (Woodstock, N.Y.: The Overlook Press, 2007)
  • The low level of contemporary high literature
  • The low level of contemporary literature for children and young people
  • The importance of metapolitics for creating radical political change
  • How political change happens
  • The lie of egalitarianism
  • The necessity of the rule of the best
  • The problems of multiculturalism
  • His Southern identity and its importance
  • The pre-integration South and the failure of integration
  • His novel Reuben (Whitefish, Mt.: Radix, 2014)
  • His novel Morning Crafts (London: Arktos, 2012)
  • His unpublished novel The Bent Pyramid
  • The fragility of civilization
  • The philistinism of contemporary culture
  • What must be done to preserve civilization
  • Minoan civilization
  • His unpublished forthcoming works
  • His advice to writers
  • The importance of self-actualization



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