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Percy Grainger:
Artist of the Right

Percy Grainger, 1882–1961

2,413 words

Percy Grainger was a polymath: a pianist, composer, conductor, ethnomusicologist, inventor, artist, polyglot, and man of letters. He was one of the most celebrated pianist-composers of the early twentieth century. His work and writings reflect a worldview marked by both racial consciousness and an opposition to modernity that coexisted alongside radical artistic modernism.  Read more …

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The Sincerity Assumption

1,181 words

When it comes to politics, there are four categories of people.

1. There are people who agree with your understanding of the facts, and agree with your values, and therefore come to the same political conclusion as you.  Read more …

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Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Joan of Arc at the Stake, or: Feminist beta farmer finally gets her comeuppance from reeeing INCEL thot-patrollers

1,181 words

Recently, I took part in a ladies’ roundtable discussion on Red Ice Radio on the topic of whether or not nationalism is hostile to women. Five of us nationalist women made the case for over an hour that nationalism is not a hostile ideology for women. Within about a day, suddenly it seemed like women on the right were being aggressively attacked by (allegedly) right-wing men, claiming women have no place being involved in “politics.” The women who are being relentlessly bullied are those who are taking a public stand, sticking their necks out on the chopping block, in an attempt to put forward a pro-white message. Read more …

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Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down

1,790 words

The recent wave of disgusting attacks on Tara McCarthy, Lauren Southern, and other women associated with the Alt Right can only be demoralizing and discouraging. Which is, of course, why they were launched in the first place. This sort of cyber-bullying is bad enough to watch, but I can assure you from personal experience that being on the receiving end of such attacks feels 100 times worse than it looks. Moreover, since in truth I am a rather cold fish, the effect on more sensitive people, especially women, has to be multiplied even more.  Read more …

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The Great Alabama Shit Test

1,687 words

In theory, democracy is government by the people. But as most people believe simply whatever the System media tells them to believe, democracy is really just government via the media. Politicians and statesman are essentially interchangeable. Culture, tradition, and kinship are far less significant in the calculations of power than who controls the television networks, the major Internet providers, and the key online institutions such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and PayPal. Read more …

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New 20% Off Sale!

135 words

The following Counter-Currents titles are 20% off until December 15th. Why? Because we like you!

To take advantage of this sale, please select the titles from the list above or the navigation bar to the right, add them to your cart, and then use the coupon december2017 when you check out.

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Why I Write
So That We Shall Not Fade Away

1,308 words

“We must always possess the character of the true revolutionary. It is not the character that you observe in the little men of the old parties, blown hither and thither by every gust of convenience opinion, elated by a little success, downcast by a little failure, gossiping and chattering about the prospects of the next five minutes, jostling for place, but not so forward in service. Without loyalty, endurance, or staying power, such a character is the hallmark of financial democratic politics. Read more …

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Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird:
The Triumph of Family Values

2,337 words

Lady Bird
Written & Directed by Greta Gerwig
Starring Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet, Beanie Feldstein, Stephen McKinley Henderson, & Lois Smith

The Guardian has described Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut, Lady Bird, as an “antidote to Trump culture.” Read more …

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Masterpieces of Aryan Thought 1
Wyndham Lewis’ Paleface: The Philosophy of the Melting-Pot

874 words

This rather obscure 1929 book by the fascist sympathizer and Modernist novelist and painter, Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957), is one of the most prescient volumes dealing with the efforts to dislodge the white race from its dominance in Europe and North America. Lewis not only anticipated much of today’s race realist thinking, he also foreshadowed Moldbug and the neo-reactionaries by outlining the origin of white racial suicide and guilt in the decadent remnants of Puritanism. Read more …

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Men of Janus

2,342 words

We are living in an age of dissolution. Every institution of government and society is in a state of seemingly terminal decline. At the individual level the notions of honor, personal responsibility, and self-sacrifice have largely vanished from public life. The cause of this malaise is not material inequality, but the collapse of faith. Read more …

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