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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Resources at Counter-Currents

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I treat MLK Day like every other Monday: I take the trash to the curb and let it rot there until Tuesday. It is a fitting symbol of the “content of his character,” for King was a vicious fraud and operator who, in death, was turned into the whitewashed saint of America’s egalitarian civil religion.

Over the years, Counter-Currents has published or republished a number of important articles grappling with the lies and cant surrounding King’s life and legacy.

Among them are:


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  1. Alexandra O
    Posted January 20, 2020 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    What a shock seeing that ‘icon’ of Martin Luther King today, for I was once briefly (6 months) married to the painter of that icon — Robert Lentz — who is now a Franciscan ‘brother’, and I am an adherent of White Nationalism; how life changes! Unfortunately, that icon and about 20+ more that Brother Robert painted are totally representative of how far off the rails contemporary Christianity has progressed leftward. Lentz has painted iconic portraits of Dorothy Day, a Christian Communist activist; of Harvey Milk, the gay mayor of San Francisco, ‘martyred’ by anti-gay’ haters’; of the Honduran Bishop Oscar Romero, an outspoken ‘liberation theologist’ which got him ‘martyred’ by the ‘right wing regime’ in that country; and of an American Indian maiden who was ‘martyred’ by colonialists. He also painted the cover icon for the first book on “Liberation Theology” which is the very CORE of the Socialist thrust into Christianity today. Brother Lentz has a site with some icons for sale, including ‘Black Images of Holiness’, featuring a Black Christ.

    Well, all that was long ago and far, far away — I can never return to being a Christian due to fanatics such as Friar Lentz, though the Eastern Orthodox Tradition in which he trained, is still holding together much of the former Communist Eastern Europe, as most people there have returned to their Orthodox churches, including in Ukraine, Russia and today in Greece. It’s a great force for cohesion of white Eastern European countries, and I wish them well. I think a great many in those countries would be appalled at this ‘icon’ of Martin Luther King.

    • Martin Venator
      Posted January 20, 2020 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

      What an amazing story! When I saw the ‘icon’ I thought it must be a joke. But then I remembered that some Russians even made an ‘icon’ of Stalin. At least this one wasn’t painted by a(pseudo-)Orthodox…

    • PlatoXIX
      Posted January 20, 2020 at 9:15 pm | Permalink

      Archbishop Oscar Romero was from El Salvador and assassinated in San Salvador by anti-communists.

  2. Oil Can Harry
    Posted January 20, 2020 at 3:07 am | Permalink

    Years ago when I was a libertarian and used to read Lew Rockwell’s site they had some excellent pieces ripping Saint MLK, one of the best being Myths Of Martin Luther King by Marcus Epstein.

    In fact one of the founders of the libertarian movement, Murray Rothbard wrote an essay called Big Government Libertarians, where he noted:
    “Shortly before I left the libertarian movement and Party five years ago, a decision which I not only have never regretted but am almost continually joyous about, I told two well-known leaders of the movement that I thought it had become infected with and permeated by egalitarianism. What? they said. Impossible. There are no egalitarians in the movement. Further, I said that a good indication of this infection was a new-found admiration for the Reverend “Doctor” Martin Luther King. Absurd, they said. Well, interestingly enough, six months later, both of these gentlemen published articles hailing “Dr.” King as a “great libertarian.” To call this socialist, egalitarian, coercive integrationist, and vicious opponent of private-property rights, a someone who, to boot, was long under close Communist Party control, to call that person a “great libertarian,” is only one clear signal of how far the movement has decayed.”

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