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The Decline of Detroit:
An American Mythos

Detroit today

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Much ink has been spilled on the decline of Detroit, once nicknamed the “Paris of the West.” Conservatives credit its failures to Democratic leadership while Leftists of all flavors conclude it’s Big Racism: America’s largest industry. Read more …

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Nordics, Skrælings, & Hubert Humphrey’s North Country:
Why We Need to Win Minnesota Over

Minnesota Infantry during the Civil War. It would be nice to have Minnesota’s whites on our side. During the war, “Minnesota had raised in excess of twelve regiments, sending more than 24,000 men into battle, the equivalent of one-seventh of the state’s 1860 population. Nearly 3,000 lost their lives . . . at Bull Run and Gettysburg; Minnesota’s pride, the First Minnesota, had suffered the highest percentage of casualties of any northern regiment – nearly 82 percent at Gettysburg alone.”[1]

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It Feels Like 1996

We’re headed into another election season. To this author, the upcoming 2020 election has a remarkably similar feel to that of 1996, except that the roles played by the two major parties have been reversed. On the Right in 1996, there was plenty of dislike for incumbent Bill Clinton, but the vast middle was happy with his efforts. This is much like the situation today, except that the boiling dislike is on the Left. In 1996, the Republicans were also in a bad way. They were blamed for the government shutdown during the winter of 1995-96. Read more …

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