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Coal Burning Point USA:
The Fast Times & Short Career of Ashley St. Clair

2,829 words

Everyone loves a good social media implosion.

A good implosion is, among other things, a comeuppance: one where the mask falls at last and a hotsy totsy e-celeb is exposed to be every bit the no-good son of a bitch that you always kinda knew he was, but now everyone knows. His status as a no-good son-of-a-bitch becomes a matter of public record and public knowledge. Read more …

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A New & Improved Conservatism?

Sohrab Ahmari

1,898 words

A curious debate erupted within American conservatism last week.

New York Post opinion editor Sohrab Ahmari took aim at Conservative Inc. foolishness, which he dubs “David French-ism,” in a First Things essay. Ahmari, a Persian Catholic convert, argues French-ism makes conservative Christians surrender to the awe-inspiring power of secular liberalism. Read more …

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Turning Point Trumpism

Charlie Kirk at CPAC, where a cardboard flat = truth in advertising

1,743 words

Another CPAC has come and gone, and national populism was almost non-existent at this year’s conservative gala.

Even though Donald Trump became president on a national populist agenda that challenged conservative orthodoxy on immigration, foreign policy, trade, and state power, CPAC 2019 offered the impression he won on the stale conservatism of Ronald Reagan.

The major themes of CPAC 2019 were the evils of socialism (but no mention of why it’s becoming popular), the sheer awesomeness of Israel, Read more …

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A White Nationalist Praises Charlie Kirk & Offers Constructive Criticism

3,208 words


If you’re trying to build a race-blind movement, the scariest thing is for the media to link you to white advocates. You may fear that the mercurial public will write you off as an extremist, causing you to lose momentum.  Read more …

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